Friday, January 6, 2017

Five Minute Friday: Connect

This week I'm again participating in Five Minute Fridays at Kate Motaung's blog, (after another long hiatus) encouraging bloggers to write on a prompt unedited for five minutes.  This week's prompt: CONNECT


Break has ended and school scheduled resumed.  The lazy mornings in pjs full of snuggles, games, and books that we got used from the week before have been replaced with the hustle of breakfast, dressed, teeth, backpacks, and winter gear.

As a mom of school aged kids, its easy for me to get caught up in the busy.  School drop-offs, errands, preschool pick up, house chores, school pick-up, snack, homework, supper and bedtime.  Throw in a few extra activities in there (wrestling, dance, church) and you get our average week.

One of my goals right now is to try to connect more with each kid.  A special project just me and a child.  An extra book at bedtime or longer bedtime snuggles.  Teaching a new skill.  Listening to a crazy imaginative play story. Sitting to watch one more extra special dance routine in the living room.
It takes intention but after seeing the benefits of a few days at the slower pace and free-er schedule of break I think its more than worth it. (And before you think our break was idyllic and stress free, there was also plenty of bickering, sibling fights and whining, just to keep it real).

My kids see how I spend my time and notice if I'm really paying attention to them.  I want to be able pour into them so they know how much they are loved.  I want to give them the gift of quality time.  I want to connect with their hearts.

I want to connect my priorities to how I choose to spend the hours I have with them.

I want to connect.


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas 2016 (photo overload)

We are back home to our Gravelly Road after all our Christmas travels.  Christmas as a family of 5, plus 3 out of town Christmas celebrations and a few too short visits with great grandparents.  The kiddos are spending a few days with Grandpa and Grandma so today I am home in a quiet house trying to treasure the silence and wade through all the Christmas memories captured on my camera.  

Besides the never ending wish list of things to do when I have kid-free time, my wonderful husband and I are going out to eat and watch a movie -- a little date night to celebrate our anniversary in a few days.  I'm thinking we might celebrate again the day of, but likely with carry-out by candlelight after the kids are in bed.

Here are a few favorite photos from Christmas, though there are so many I can barely pick.  

After all the Christmas fun I'm looking to a few days of family fun, just the five of us before our break is over here at the gravelly road.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Dance recital smiles

Saturday was her first dance recital.  She was so excited and did so well.  Here's her big smile to share.

Just another first in our Life on the Gravelly Road.
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