Friday, July 8, 2016

New Summer Fun

Our oldest had tried it once when was much younger but our kids are enjoying some new summer fun.... riding the tube behind the boat.  Two weekends ago they rode on Grandma and Grandpa's tube when we spent the afternoon on my in-laws boat.

Then this weekend we took them out on a local lake to try it again.

All three have fallen out at least once (not all of them enjoyed that part).  And each have different preferences for how fast Dad should drive the boat when they are on the tube.  I bet you can guess who almost never asks Dad to slow down is....

A new bit of summer fun near our gravelly road.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

On Two Wheels

Ever since her brothers learned to ride without training wheels, she has been watching... wanting to ride on the gravel, through the grass, follow their bike tracks.

Saturday afternoon, while we were camping this weekend, she asked if she could try.  Middle child agreed to have dad lower his seat for her to try a bit (easier than removing and reinstalling training wheels).

She was so ready and proud.

A few trips back and forth with Dad.  A few more trips with Mom.  Then only a handful more and she had it down.

It was so fun to hear her brothers cheering her on and soon the campers around us were noticing her attempts.  They were sharing encouragements and celebrating too.  It was so much fun.  By the time Grandma and Grandpa came back to the campground from going out for supper, she had a whole new skill to show them.

So proud of our newest two-wheeled bike rider on the gravelly road.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Summer Family Vacation 2016 (photo overload)

We got home Saturday from a long vacation with family. It was a week filled with laughter, memories, sight-seeing and fun experiences all around. Also more time in the car than we've ever attempted with our three but we survived quite well.

There was a ferry ride, dunes to climb, hikes (which always included walking-stick-finding), geo-caching, some shopping, fun restaurants, pool time, a children's museum, and a little time at a beach.  Hubby and I even got some time to explore a few breweries and enjoy some time just the two of us while the kids went on adventures with Grandpa and Grandma.  It was a great week.

Here a few of the many, many photos I took...

A wonderful vacation away from our gravelly road full of memories to treasure and experiences shared.
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