Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Its the way he says it...

I've been doing an ok job recording silly and cute thing my son says as he grows.  I've even written down a few of his crazy stories.  What I'm not sure how to record is all the words he uses uniquely.  I could try to video him, but if he's thinking about it, he'll correct himself.  Plus he's an absolute ham when the video camera comes out.  So I wanted to record some of my son's current "dictionary" of unique words, as he's slowly replacing them with the correct verison. 

hail bale - instead of hay bale  (He's said this one for almost a year now and still makes me smile.)

turtend - instead of pretend

gergot - instead of forgot

yots -- istead of lots.  Most of his l's come out differently but this is the one that I love, with yiddle (little) coming in a close second.

fly flatter  - instead of fly swatter

brooming - instead of sweeping

hosta-copter - instead of helicopter, I don't hear this one very often anymore but its one of the few I've been able to catch on video :)

Onald Donalds - instead of McDonald's

King Booger -- instead of Burger King

Bugly - the name given to all box elder bugs that he considers friendly and in need of rescue

I'm sure there's quite a few more but I'm so used to hearing them I don't always notice.  So next time you come to our gravelly road to play turtend, don't gerget that even though there are often yots of Buglys you are not allowed to broom them up or use the fly flatter on them.

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