Monday, February 3, 2014

Birthday Party Fun (Photo Overload)

I realized I hadn't posted birthday pictures from our son's 5th birthday party a few weeks ago... so here you go!

We celebrated with family and friends with a super hero themed birthday party (I'll try to post party planning details too eventually).  We even had super hero themed shirts for the three of us.

getting ready for a super hero birthday
He was so excited for the party to start that he was asking if it was time yet every minute or two, so I gave him some yarn and told him to decorate his room like spiderman had a battle in there.  It turned out great and gave me a chance to finish decorating for his party.  He also decided he needed batman cape as well but did not like that socks were required.

batman birthday cake
 He picked out lunch -- pizza, green yogurt, pink lemonade and fruit.  And yes we made the cake again this year... a batman cake. 

super hero party fun
There were also some fun activities for the kids to do -- super hero costumes and decorating super masks to were the most popular.

Of course he was blessed with presents and enjoyed trying them out as well.

On his actual birthday, we decorated his door and measured him on the family height ruler (per tradition).  We also had fun going sledding (trying out one of his birthday gifts).  I think the birthday boy had a great weekend!

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