Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Day of School 2014

I can't believe he's in Kindergarten!  He was ready but nervous this morning... He bravely walked from the crosswalk all the way to his classroom by himself.  I'm expecting a very tired boy this afternoon :)  Praying he has a wonderful first day, makes some great new friends (he only knew 2 kids in his class), and he knows so many people are praying for him on his first day.

first day

*** Added after the school day ****

Here's a few more pics... the top two are from open house/pre-conference events the end of August. The pic in the lower left his teacher sent this evening and the lower right is waiting at the cross-walk to go into school this morning.

From what I've heard, he had a great first day.  He was naming off friends he saw on the playground that he knew (but weren't in his class).  He told me at lunch they get CHOCOLATE milk and there are special colored bins in the classroom with different toys for each day of the week.  He was able to remember what book the teacher read the class but said he forgot that he had snack in his bag at snack time and ate half his sandwich at snack instead :)

Dear Father, 

Thank you again and again for allowing me to be the mom of this precious boy.  I am so honored and challenged daily.  He is growing up so fast it takes my breath away! 

I pray for an extra blessing over the kindergarten year ahead of him.  Watch over him this year as he spends more time at school than he ever has before.  Be there for him when I'm not.  Guide his words, actions and interactions so that he may be kind, compassionate and a positive leader in the classroom.

May his classroom be a place of learning, new friendships, good challenges, and opportunities to grow.  May his teacher have the extra special energy, leadership, and grace to keep this class of kindergartners engaged in learning and treating each other in positive ways as they get to know each other.

Grow him into the boy (and young man) you created him to be for your purposes and help me to be the parent I need to be for him for your glory. 


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