Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Taking Family Photos

A couple weeks ago I convinced my crew that we needed to take another family picture...  partially because we haven't taken a photo of us in front of the house since the one from originally moved in 3 years ago.

It always seems to be such a big feat to take one that turns out ok (especially with Christmas card season just around the corner) even though its just the three of us!  So armed with my camera, tripod and handy-dandy camera remote, we set up in our front yard and ended up with a few good ones, with some goofy thrown in.

family waiting to adopt

Most of the time, I let our son hold the camera remote (thus the hidden hands) which he thinks is great fun.  If that's what it takes to get him to look at the camera...
family pictures outdoors

loving family pictures

I took one other set of family pictures recently (that I'm not going to share here).  I took extended family pictures for a friend whose family was throwing a surprise birthday party for her mother.  A group of twelve people (4 kiddos) who I didn't all know was a whole different type of challenge.  It was fun, we ended up with some good shots, and it certainly was a learning experience for me.

So much to learn but still loving photography here on the gravelly road.

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