Monday, February 22, 2016

New Four-legged Family member

We'd been missing our dog and talking about getting a new one for a while, but our usual answer was that we were waiting until spring to make house training a bit easier... well apparently the warm snap this past weekend was just spring-like enough to push us over the edge.

A fur-ball of energy joined our family --  a 7 month old Chihuahua mix name ChloeAnn.  We are still working on a good nickname, but for now she is just "Chloe" or "Chloe-girl".

She is playful, high energy, and loves to fetch and jump.  She still has a lot of manners to learn but she is a smart and funny dog who does really well with our kiddos which is huge.  She reminds us a lot of our first dog, before kids, who also was a female Chihuahua mix.

She is fitting in well, though the kids have quickly found out that she claims any small toy on the floor as her own so they've been keeping their bedroom doors shut and forbidding her from coming in (avoiding the "can the puppy sleep with me?" conversation).  Of course I think the puppy would be great reason to keep their rooms clean but they just don't see my logic.

So I'm sure you'll see many more puppy photos but wanted to introduce the newest resident on the gravelly road.

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