Thursday, October 5, 2017

Morning Jam and Favorite Songs

We are immersed into our fall school schedule and so many routines have fallen back into place from last spring.  One of my favs is that the kiddos "DJ" our ride to school each morning.  We have just about the right amount of time for them each to pick a song off my ipad for us to listen to during our drive.  Singing loudly or silly or thinking about some favorite lyrics are a great way to start our day.

These three songs have been common picks lately.  I'm always amazed how many of the lyrics they know even though one of them has been in rotation only for a few weeks.  What great words to hide in their hearts.  (And before you think its all serious heartfelt family worship time, many mornings the boys try to sing all the lyrics with the same beginning letter, making the first song something like "Wullet Wroof").

So here's sneak peek into our morning drive from our gravelly road to school.

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