Tuesday, September 3, 2019

First Day of School 2019

Today is the first day of school for our three kids, here on the Gravelly Road... first days of 5th, 3rd and 2nd grades.  A day of new beginnings and new challenges for all of us.

Ike starts fifth grade today, the beginning of middle school so a big transition for him.  He is excited to seeing his friends, a new school, locker combinations, changing classes, new teachers and new routines.  I'm looking forward to see how God uses his 5th grade year to grow and challenge him.

Zman is starting 3rd grade today.  He was a little nervous this morning about learning a new schedule and some of the challenges of 3rd grade but he was in good spirits at drop off.  He has the same teacher as his brother had in 3rd grade which he is looking forward to and he can't wait to see his friends.  He has grown in so many ways this summer, I have a feeling God has some big things in store for him in 3rd grade and I can't wait to see him soar.

Peaches starts 2nd grade today.  She has been very excited for school to start plus her best friend is in her class this year.  She also has a teacher our family is already familiar with, the same second grade teacher her oldest brother had which is nice for this mama's heart.  I can't wait to see all she learns and to watch her take on the challenges of second grade.

I'm looking forward to hearing all about their first days when they return home to the gravelly road.

Dear Lord - 

We ask for an extra special blessing on the school year adventure ahead of each of our three children. Each adventure is unique and will be used fore your purposes in their lie, though all three start a new phase today.

Guide their teachers as they give instruction, encouragement, and build the tone of their classrooms.  Grant them wisdom for those moments when a child's tears or frustrated words are coming from a deeper hard place than just a tough morning.  May their classrooms be places of learning and inclusion, a safe place to try, fail and try again. 

Watch over our three as they start and strengthen friendships, handle challenges, try new hard things, work through conflict and learn the life lessons you have for them.  Guide their words and actions so that they are kind and compassionate to those around them.  Surround them with friends that bring out their best so that they can build each other up.  Help them to be part of the good and amazing things you are doing in their schools.

Thank you again and again for allowing us to parent these precious kiddos.  They are each growing and changing so fast it often takes my breath away.  Continue to grow them into the people you called them to be and help me to help them see how you are working in their lives.


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