Monday, January 6, 2020

Book Review: Keep the Doors Open by Kristin Berry

The book "Keep the Doors Open: Lessons Learned from a Year of Foster Parenting" by Kristin Berry was one I couldn't put down as the author's storytelling and heart-sharing pulled me in immediately.

Author Kristin Berry shares her family's "why" in serving as a foster family in her area and then walks through a full year of what that journey looked like and felt like for them, keeping their doors open.  She authentically details the highs with the lows, the challenges and heart breaks, as well as the small victories along the way.  And while the story is written from her personal experience and perspective, she does a great job of sharing the perspectives of her husband and children along the way.

This book spoke to my heart because of our family's foster-to-adopt journey and at times I was nodding right along with the author.  But this book is really a great read for anyone, especially those with any interactions with the foster care system (foster parent, friends of foster families, medical or other professionals who work with foster families on occasion, etc).  It provides a unique perspective to those who haven't walked a foster care journey, insight to those considering or exploring foster care, and affirmation to those who have been or currently are foster families.  Plus many of the lessons described by the author can be applied to other ministries or walks of life: asking others for help, loving others, serving as a family and so much more. 

 But be warned, you will get to the end of her one year journey and want to know what happened next :)

*I was given an early release copy of this book as part of the launch team. My review and my words are my own.

Please Note: The need for foster parents continues to rise.  If this is something on your heart, please take the next step... whether to read more, research your county's services, attend an info session, talk to a foster parent or get in touch with Family Services in your area.
Here's a local news article on the current Foster Parent need in Minnesota.

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