Monday, September 23, 2013

Fun Fall Camping

We spent a long weekend camping at a local state park.  We were close enough to home that we could stop home to pick up something we forgot, check on the chickens or get the boat for a quick outing on the lake :)

The weather was beautiful all weekend, though a bit chilly.  Cool enough to enjoy the campfire any time during the day, chilly enough at night to make us thankful for an electric spot and the heater in the camper.  I love jeans and sweatshirt weather!

My parents joined us for the weekend which added to the fun.  Hiking, geocaching, good food, enjoyable conversations and a 5th wheel with TV where our son could watch cartoons in the morning when he woke us up a bit earlier than we'd hoped :)

My husband and I also tried a new recipe for cooking fish this weekend.  I think its a new favorite.  Bacon Wrapped Walleye - because everything is better with bacon right? 
bacon wrapped walleye

Even better that it was super simple.  We cut the walleye fillets (which hubby caught in Canada this summer) to be a bit narrower than the bacon.  Roll with the bacon on the outside (start bacon on bottom when you start rolling) .  Secure with toothpicks and cook on the cast iron skillet over the fire.  My husband generally does not enjoy fish that much but he loved this.  Even the leftovers were delicious :)

It was a wonderful weekend of camping near our gravelly road!


  1. How lovely to have somewhere like that really close to home, and that looks like a wonderful meal! We live in the Welsh countryside and we really must take more advantage of it.

  2. What a lovely weekend! My little boy is desperate to go camping!

  3. That looks like such a perfect weekend. I am with you on the jeans and sweatshirt. Quite snuggly to bring them out again. Loving your fish and bacon idea too. I may have to copy this one. Thank you for sharing your lovely weekend outdoors on Country Kids.


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