Adoption & Our Family

We are a family changed and blessed by adoption. Early in the process I took a little time to write how we got to where we were and what we think we know about the process before us....

"Even we before we married, my husband and I talked about adoption (as I think a lot of couples do). It was always in the vague "someday" context. We had so many plans -- finishing college, finding jobs we loved, a house, a dog, having a few kids, etc. Looking back I'm not sure how adoption fit into all that -- but God did.

Back in 2007, we spent some time researching adoption, reading a number of books, attending to a few informational sessions, even finding an agency we thought might be good to work with. Then God blessed us with our wonderful son. Thoughts of adoption were put aside for a time.

God is prompting us that the once vague "someday" is "now". We are currently pursuing adoption through Bethany Christian Services' Domestic Infant Adoption program as well as being licensed to adopt through the state foster care system.  There are still many unknowns ahead of us and waiting for God to grow our family is hard, but we know 'God's Got This'."

In you want to know more details of our journey, the dates below help document the stages of our journey with some links to posts.
  • Application
    • Preliminary Application (08/03/11)
    • Informational Meeting (08/02/11)
    • Pre-formal Application (11/18/11)
    • Formal Application (02/8/12)
  • Assessment
  • Waiting for a match (Beginning 6/2012)
  • Matched with 2 precious kiddos, ages 3 & 4 
    • Emailed that we might be a good match for 2 precious kiddos (11/7/2014)
    • First read their profile (11/10/2014)
    • First saw a picture of their sweet faces (11/12/2014)
    • Met them for the first time (12/12/2014)
    • First overnight visit (hotel-12/20/2014, our home- 12/25/2014)
    • Transition phase (December and January)
    • Move in (01/24/15)
  • Post-Placement
    • Post Placement Visits (2/2015, 3/2015, 4/2015, 5/2015, 6/2015, 7/2015, 8/2015)
    • File Petition to Adopt (7/2015)
  • Finalization (9/4/2015)
  • Family Celebration (9/7/2015)
What you don't see in the list above is the waiting that has been part of each step...  In an attempt to celebrate the waiting, one of the things we did each month is to buy a new children's book to add to our collection.  See this post for our book list .

Thank you in advance for travelling this journey with us and especially prayers for the process. 

You can also follow our journey on Facebook and Twitter (@JnK_HopeToAdopt).

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