Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fun Canvas Painting

It was a dreary day yesterday and we didn't have anywhere to go.  Since our schedule this fall involves being away from home at least part of the day most days, we decided to "seize the day" and do a messy project.  The alternative was some messy baking, but that would have involved a trip to the grocery store :) 

I still had a 11x13 canvas on hand from the photo canvas project I did last month.  I decided we could try a variation of something I saw on pinterest.  I really didn't have much of a plan and we just had fun creating.  I was pleasantly surprised that it turned out.

I used painters tape and foam letter stickers to create a message on the canvas.  The heart took a few tries.  What worked best was to lay enough strips of tape on the table, draw the heart, peel each strip off the table and cut.  While I was working with the tape, my little boy was acting as my photographer.  I couldn't resist including the one he took of himself.  (The messy kitchen pictures plus all the ones of just the table or ceiling, we giggled at and then deleted).

Then we both painted :)  He used mostly brushes (he's in an anti-messy-hands stage so finger painting was out of the question).  I did have sponges and corks out as well.  I let him pick the colors we used.  I considered picking only colors that looked good with our decor but decided that wasn't nearly as fun. 

After it dried, I carefully peeled off the tape and stickers.  Some of the foam letter stickers left a little residue but it still looks ok.  I also added a layer of mod podge (only because it seemed like a good idea, not sure if it actually makes a difference).

He's already asking when we can do another so I guess this project was a hit.  (He wants to do his name for in his bedroom and one that looks like moose poop -- don't ask).  I'm not sure where this one will end up -- the hallway and the nursery have both been discussed.  So glad we tried this one!

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