Thursday, November 12, 2020

November of Thankfulness 2020

My mind is not ready to really think about Christmas or even Advent yet. In our household, November is for counting our blessing and recording our thankfulness, in the form of a paper chain we add to almost every day. It is so amazing to what the physical representation of our thankfulness grow and keep reminding ourselves how blessed we are.

And yes it is 2020 and one of our children included Toilet Paper in our Thankful Chain.

Just another tradition from Life on the Gravelly Road. 

Monday, November 9, 2020

Sharing is Caring

Sharing is Caring I say... this post is full of affliate links which means if you use the links, I get a bonus in one form or another, but my opinions and words are my own... all these services and products are things we use/enjoy.

 Walmart Grocery Pickup -

Even before "Shelter in Place" orders, I was using Walmart Grocery pickup to allow me to work a bit longer at my husband's real estate office then get our groceries on my way home without LINES or CROWDS. Since March, it has been my go-to every week. Use my link to try Walmart Grocery Pickup and we both get $10 off.  Great right?


Shutterfly is my fav place to make photobooks for family, order cards and print photos quick. (I use other sites for high quality prints that are going to be framed long term on my walls). Plus Shutterfly has some great deals just about anytime you order (so I make sure to google for codes before placing any order).

If you want to give Shutterfly a try, below are some referral link deals they have going on this month

50% Off Holiday Cards

Free Photobook

Free Personalized Metal Ornament


My husband has been an audible user much longer than the rest of the family but we are hooked. My husband routinely listens to business books - investing, real estate, money management etc while on the treadmill or mowing. The kids all have favorite books they listen to before falling asleep on their Alexa Dot devices (there are quite a few free kids books included in the "Plus" library that is free with a subscription). I enjoy finding a book we all can try on longer car rides... something to listen to together without movies or screens.

See some of the best sellers on Audible here


I've tried several online rewards programs but right now fetch Rewards is my favorite, mostly because you can connect your Amazon account and email so it can electronically scan for orders, besides just scanning receipts. Plus no web browser plug-ins or log-ins to get credit for online shopping.  Reward points can be turned into Amazon gift cards which is another bonus. Give it a try and we both get bonus points.

Download Fetch Rewards for free here:


Ok, not really a online tool or hack but I love good books for me and the kids. Here's some of our favorites when our kids were younger: Books While We Wait

Our current read aloud series is Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson

Here's a list of books I've reviewed in the past: Book Reviews

Just a few of our favorites at Life on the Gravelly Road. What are some of your favorite online tools and hacks?

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Happy Halloween 2020

 from a King, The Madalorian and Dorthy (who was just about blown away to Oz during our little bit of trick-or-treating). We spent the evening with my parents and sister. Kids did a fun scavenger hunt my mom and sister put together and then we trick-or-treated a little. Somehow they came home with as many treats as usual even though, some amazing generosity and creative ways to give kids some fun safely.

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