Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Last Day of School

The countdowns had been going on a for a while and the last day finally arrived. I was amazed at how much fun and activity was filled into the last few weeks -- programs, field trips, a carnival, bingo, family day, and so much more between the 3 kids.

Each kiddo in the house had a different "last day" so we celebrated the last day of school with our ice cream tradition 3 times!  Our kindergartner was the last to have his last day, so we went out for ice cream cones together after we picked him up from school yesterday.

All 3 kids had a great years at school and were blessed by wonderful teachers and many new friends. Each changed so much - especially considering our 2 preschoolers joined their classes in February.  Amazing really. I wish I could post the other last day pics but alas there are rules to be followed...  

Here is our kindergartner's last pic, with him holding a picture of his first day of kindergarten. Its hard to believe he's a first grader now!

So let the summer fun commence here on the Gravelly Road.

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