Monday, September 10, 2012

Too Many Girls....

Yesterday  morning we went to the Sunday School Kickoff at church.  Basically everyone was in the gym - parents getting schedules and filling out forms, kids playing games or doing crafts.  The room was full and loud.  My little boy stood nicely next to me while I went through line to get all the paperwork, but then when we walked around to try to decide what game or craft he wanted to try while I filled out the registration form he started acting out.  So I knelt next to him to try to figure out what was going on.

"Can you tell me what's the matter?  Are you nervous?  Is it too loud and busy in here for you?"
First he just nods. 
Then he says in my ear,
"Mom, but there are just too many girls in here.  Can you make them go away?"

It took everything in me not to laugh.  I hugged him and reminded him I loved him.  Then we went in the hallway and sat for a while.  In ten minutes, he was ready to join the fun -- as long at the activity didn't have too many girls!

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