Saturday, November 10, 2012

A future big brother...

My little boy has been interested in all things baby lately.  Maybe its our family prayers for a baby to join our family through adoption.  Maybe its that I've moved most of the baby "stuff" from the basement closet into the future nursery.  Maybe its just the age he's at.

Sometimes its Pooh Bear, other times its his lion or monkey, but he'll bring me a toy that he wants to put to bed, or feed, or put in the swing, or change a diaper.

So adorable.

He also talks about what it will be like to be a big brother.  The other day he asked if it takes lots of baby wipes to change a diaper.  I told him that yes sometimes it does :)  He replied, "I think I could learn to change a diaper Mom.  I could do that when I'm a big brother."

(If you read my facebook posts, you've heard this one but I have to include it here too).  A little over a week ago he said to me, "Mom, I prayed to God to send our family more boys. Is it ok to have seven boys? I asked for seven!"  I laughed.  Then a few days later he brought it up again, seven boys.  Then I told him I would have a hard time naming seven boys.  "I can name them Mom!" and he starts listing names.  So I grabbed a paper and pen and started scribbling (because it was too cute not to record).  He came up with more than seven, but here's his list: Jack, Matt, Sleepy, Circus, Daniel, Lion, Rote, Joseph, Pancakes, Oranges, Jim, Ron, Shawn, Strawberry, Rick, Bam, Rain, Kid, and Otter.  The next day he declared, "I changed my mind Mom... I think a sister would be good".

I pray for that day when he becomes a big brother.  Its so hard to prepare him for the changes that will come through an adoption, with its undefined timeline.  And so we take it a little at a time - waiting, praying, and preparing as best we can. 

All in God's Time.

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  1. This is really sweet. He reminds me of my oldest son. He did the same thing when I was almost due with my 2nd child. It was like he was nesting. I will pray that this means that the time is soon that his little brother or sister will be home.


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