Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pondering what it might be like...

When I was pregnant, one of my vivid worries was all the "what ifs" surrounding the timing of going into labor.  What if I was at work downtown?  What if I was on the bus?  Would it be in the middle of the night?   What if my husband was out of town on business?   It ended up that all the worry was for naught as I was induced a week past my due date -- 26 hours later I had my precious baby in my arms.

Now I ponder what it would be like to get "the call" that we have been matched with an expectant mom making an adoption plan.  Will she have asked to meet us before choosing us?  Will there be a few months before the baby is born for us to get to know her?  Will the baby already be born?  How will I deal with the worry that decisions might be changed?

One of my favorite things to look for when I find an adoptive mom blog is a post about their "call".  My second is how/when they told their extended family.  Its amazing how much variation there is in adoption experiences.

An adoption blog I read frequently is White Sugar, Brown Sugar by Rachel.  The author is an adoptive mom of two and waiting to adopt miracle #3.  Her posts are honest, wise and encouraging.  (She is also working on a book that I'm think I'll have to pick up when it comes out).

Here's her posts about "the call" for her two little ones:
What's it like getting the call?
Christmas came early

And the most unique way I've ever read of sharing the news with family.

Of course there are tons of adoptive mom blogs out there, and I could link so many other amazing adoption stories.  Its one of the blessings of living in the ever more connected world -- moms can encourage each other with BTDT stories even when we don't live close to each other.  (Thankfully I also know several moms with adoption experience in real life -- huge blessing).

Only God knows what our story will be like so I guess I'll just have to wait and see :)

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