Thursday, October 9, 2014

Same Tree, Same Boy, Another Year

fall colors

As is our tradition, I wanted to take another fall picture of the kiddo in front of the tree that is one of my favorites when the leaves start to turn.

And since its "Throwback Thursday" take a moment to look at previous years' posts:
2012 & 2011

Looking back it was colder this time than other years as we had warm coats out yet the tree isn't as orange as it sometimes gets.

Because we can't be serious all the time time, there was a fair amount of this:
silly face

Before we ended up with this:

We measured him the other day and he has grown so much since his last birthday... no wonder I've had to change out his pants drawer several times.  Of course just as many pairs get moved because of large holes in the knees.  Just one month into kindergarten and he already seems so much older.  He loves to tell us the new Spanish words he's learned and who he saw at recess.  I'm enjoying helping in his classroom once a week and getting to know the friends he talks about :)

What an amazing blessing to watch how God is growing him into the boy He's planned.

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