Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Little Cottage on the gravelly road

We have a new bit of fun in the backyard.

A new playhouse.

Dad started working on it the weekend of the fair, and then last weekend Grandpa and Grandma came to help him finish.

The kids are having so much fun, though it not usually a house, cabin or cottage.  Instead according to the kids, its usually an ice cream store here on our gravelly road serving all sorts of interesting ice cream flavors made of all natural ingredients (grass, dandelions, sand, rocks, clover, variety of leaves).  Never a dull moment.

I have discovered that the shade on the porch of the playhouse makes it a nice spot to take pics of the kids on sunny days.  Several times they've been silly on the porch while I took quick pics.

Some of our new fun in the backyard on the gravelly road.

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