Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Stuck on an Island

Several nights in a row, Dad has kept our after dinner conversations interesting by asking the kids questions starting with "If you were stuck on an island...".  Their first responses so varied and sometimes funny so I quickly scribbled some down to save.

If you were stuck on an island and can only bring one thing to ride on what would it be?
Ike: Limo
Zman: Dirt bike
Peaches: Ferris Wheel

... can only bring one type of food to eat what would you pick? (there was much discussion if you would need to be able to store/cook it or if it would just arrive ready to eat daily)
Ike: shrimp
Zman: steak
Peaches: watermelon

... can only have one type of vegetable to eat?
Ike: broccoli
Zman: cucumbers
Peaches: carrots

... an animal to keep you company or help you?
Ike: cows
Zman: gorilla
Peaches: elephant

.... and there is a telephone booth to make one phone call, who would it be to?
Ike: President of the United States
Zman: mommy and daddy
Peaches: Aunt B and Uncle N

... and you could bring either a cook or carpenter along (or instantly know how to do all the things a cook or carpenter could do)?
Ike and Zman: carpenter
Peaches: cook

... and you could bring only one type of hunting equipment?
Ike: hunting gun
Zman and Peaches: Bow & Arrows

Just some interesting after dinner conversations in our Life on the Gravelly Road.

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