Friday, June 8, 2018

Photo walk in the yard

It really was not a planed activity this afternoon, just like so much of our summer fun.  I had seen these beauties mowing the day before at the edge of our grove and wanted to take a few pics before they were done blooming.

When I mentioned that I was going out to take some pics, the kids asked if they could take pics too, especially since I had just charged one of our old digital cameras in attempt to get two working for the boys to take on their special trips later this month.

So out we all went to walk through the yard.  Looking for interesting things, bits of beauty, in the yard.  Me with my big camera and my macro lens. All three kids taking turns on an old digital camera (which actually went better than I  thought).

I got several more flower pics...

 plus some fun ones of our kiddos taking pics.

And here are some of their fun shots.
photo credit: Ike

photo credit: Peaches

Photo credit: Zman

Just some simple hobby sharing fun here on the gravelly road.

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