Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Last Day of School 2019

Summer break has officially begun!  Today was the last day of school for our kids.  After all the countless field trips, outside science days, special events and end of year classroom fun, we made it to the end. 

So as tradition dictates, here are their last day of school pics with their first day of school pics.... which reminded us how rainy that first day of school was and the year ended with a big thunderstorm at the end of the school day.
Ike finished a great year of fourth grade, handling big projects and challenges, working hard, making some great new friends, reading so many books and in general having fun.  He is looking forward to a more relaxed schedule, playing baseball, minecraft, and earning some money helping with yardwork this summer (he has some big plans). He is also excited about moving to middle school next year.

Zman finished a great year of second grade this year.  He worked so hard, learned so much, made some great friends and gained confidence.  He is excited for more playtime this summer, being outside, fishing with Dad and giving gymnastics a try.

Peaches is all done with first grade. She worked so hard at school, thriving in the classroom, loving reading, making new friends, and excitement about all things school. The end of her school year was a bit tough with her broken arm from a fall the beginning of May, but she handled it with grace.  Her unique outfit on her last day was because she was participating in the end of year talent show with a few friends.

Because it was Ike's last day in the elementary school (next year middle school), I also had him take  pic with his first day of kindergarten picture. Oh my has he grown!

We are so thankful that they each had wonderful teachers who poured into them all year.  Each kid grew and learned and rose to new challenges.  We are so proud. I can barely believe we'll have a fifth grader, third grader and second grader in the fall. 

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