Thursday, January 5, 2012

Good-bye Rubbermaid Tub!

We knew when we bought our acreage that the upstairs bathroom needed to be remodeled right away... the bathtub wasn't usuable, the toliet was a bit gross, the sink was leaking, the medicine cabinet didn't stay closed, etc. Since we owned the new place while still living at the old, my handy husband started demo over the summer, thinking there'd be plenty of time to finish the remodel. About a week and a half after the sledge hammer started swinging, we got an offer on our old house. A little more than a month later, we moved to the acreage with our upstairs bathroom looking like this :)
Thankfully we had a 3/4 bath downstairs, but no bathtub for our then 2.5 yr old. For a couple weeks, he thought showers were fun but soon it became clear we needed a temporary bathtub...
As with most home improvement projects, the remodel took longer than we expected. A closet was being removed for more bathroom space which meant moving wiring and plumbing too. My husband's travel schedule for work this fall became extremely busy. But little by little, everything started coming together.

Over the weekend, our beautiful new bathroom was finished enough for use -- and our little boy took a bath within minutes of Dad telling him it was ready :) So good-bye rubbermaid tub, you served us well, but oh so thankful to be done with you!

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