Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Snowy Salt Painted Trees

When I think about what I might want to post about, I tend to think of the projects/activities that went well or were cute memories.  But just as often, I try to do something with Isaac that doesn't quite work out.  This is a project very nearly flopped.  It certainly didn't turn out like I expected but we had fun :)

I don't plan our projects much in advance (or at all).  Isaac was in a project mood so I went with it.  I saw this great idea for Salt Painting Winter Scenes at Mama's Like MeOf course, I had read it a few days before, forgotten a few things, and improvised a bit more than I intended.

We were out of big sheets of blue construction paper for the background.... no problem.  Isaac loves to paint with his watercolors so I figured it would work to just paint the sky blue. 

I didn't want to paint his hand for the hand print tree (it was almost bedtime) so decided to have him cut up brown paper to "build" trees, especially since cutting up paper and then using the glue is a favorite activity. 

We did "paint" dots of glue and cover with the salt (though it was almost bedtime so the above steps were still wet).  This was probably Isaac's favorite part -- the idea of using salt on his project was so funny to him.  The part that I didn't expect (though probably should have anticipated) was that since the paint was still wet, the salt crystalized on the paint even where there wasn't glue.  Cool effect, totally unintended :)

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