Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Dirty Car and Water Fun

One result of living on the gravelly road is that our cars are always dirty.  My car is often a lovely shade of gravelly brown, likely because I just don't bother to stop at the car wash often enough, knowing it will be dirty before I reach home.

Yesterday evening it rained while we were running errands resulting in rain streaks on top of the normal layers of gravel dust.  It was warm today and we were looking for something to do, so we washed my car in the driveway.  Water and buckets.  Rags and towels.  The water hose and a helpful 3 year old.  It was messy, wet fun. 

And no, my car doesn't have a perfect shine or sparkly clean windows.  We had fun.  The car does have less dirt on it.  He was so proud to help.  (I didn't take much for pictures during... just too much water)

Since we were both already wet from our car wash fun, I figured we'd try the sponge-water-bomb-things we made in MOPS a while back.  Basically pieces of sponge and mop yarn held together with a zip tie.  We filled a bucked up with water, soaked them, and played catch.  Effective at getting us both wet, lots of fun, and brought a round of giggles from my son with each throw.  We definitely be using them a lot this summer!

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  1. I'm glad that the sponge balls worked. I think I might have to make them sometime this summer. We have been having a lot of "mini" car washes at our house - Oliver has been washing his hot wheels a lot:).


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