Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Mother's Day Tree

Growing up my Mom got the same present for Mother's Day (almost) every year -- a rose bush.  Part of the way we spent most Mother's Days included shopping for that rose bush. 

Our family doesn't have any set traditions yet, though I haven't ever been disappointed :)  This year my husband started talking about a big yard project for my Mother's Day present -- something about a fountain and a pond to create a peaceful place with flowing water in the yard.  While that sounded lovely and may happen someday, I asked for something simpler with less up-keep.

A willow tree. 

It may sound silly but when we created wish lists during house shopping, mine included a front porch and a willow tree.  Our new home has neither. 

This winter we had a tree fall down in a storm near the pond and two more that were already dead that my husband (and a friend) cut down.  We had a nice open place near the pond for a new tree.  And a willow sounded just right :)

My son was helping me haul water to the tree and he asked why we needed to water it when we don't water all our other trees.  I explained to him how stressful it can be for a tree to be planted in a new place, needing extra water to make sure their roots grow down deep and strong, to help them be ready for stormy weather or long winters.  And then I paused. 

The same is true in my life.  God transplanted me to a new place, with different challenges and opportunities.  He has been pouring waters of blessing on me.  Sometimes, though, I have not used that water to grow deep, strong roots.  I've let the blessings flow past without taking note, without letting them encourage and strengthen me.   I pray that I recognize the waters that God sends to strengthen and renew.  May I not waste opportunities to soak in God's blessing and prepare for what He has in store for me.

May our new willow tree continue to remind me:
of putting down roots in our new community
of our growing family and growing in my role as mother
of God, my gardener, taking care of my needs before I know them, equipping me for His journey

Happy Mother's Day!!

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