Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Growing Garden

Its been a few weeks since my last post about the garden so figured I'd do an update.

The snap peas are the rising stars of the garden right now and have started climing the fence we put up for them last weekend.  Carrots, onions, and cucumber have also come up.  The peppers I started early transplanted nicely and the tomato plants are looking good.  I finally could identify the squash and zuchini this week (probably were there earlier, just lost in the weeds I think). The pumpkin is still MIA.

Of the four bean plants we started inside, only one survived.  We had some rough weather after we moved them and I think we let them get too tall indoors.  The rest of the two bean rows are pretty dismal -- only a few plants per row came up.  I re-planted the worst row, so we'll see if that does any better.

I also have a flower bed near the garden with a variety of flowers I planted from seeds.  Somone (likely rabbits) nibbled a few of our sunflowers to the ground, but the other flowers seem to be doing well. 

I enjoy making visits to our garden, checking on the plants, and watering (even getting a little wet on hot afternoons).  I do not enjoy weeding.  I know its necessary, but there is a lot to weed and until this last week or so I was too afraid I'd pull the wrong thing.  In fact, the desire to take a few pictures to post encouraged me to do a better job of weeding -- so maybe regular blog updates will be good for the health of my garden!

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