Thursday, June 14, 2012

An Unexpected Expense of Life on the Gravelly Road

My car was making a terrible noise when I drove in reverse, and it seemed to be getting louder.  My once-mechanic husband took a look and eliminated what he thought were the "easy" possibilities.  He was concerned it was the transmission, a project he didn't have time to tackle with his travel schedule.

So off to the dealership we went.  Thankfully the noise wasn't serious.  It in fact was simple fix once they found it (after charging diagnostic fees of course). 

Rocks.  Yep, rocks on the engine mount, likely from our lovely gravelly road. 

After the rocks were cleaned up, my car sounds good as new.  I guess next time we'll know to search for unwelcome hitch hikers from our gravelly road.  (And hopefully save some money and a trip to the dealership).

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