Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cabin Vacation 2013 Photo Overload

As I mentioned before, we spent a wonderful long weekend with family at a cabin.  While it wasn't always as warm as we would have like, we had a great time.  We spent time outside and played quite a few games indoors.  Kiddo enjoyed the playgrounds and sand fun.Cabin vacation with kids

Again this year we were able to enjoy a fun day on the nearby ATV trails.  Unlike last year though, we brought our son along. We had a great time!  If you look behind us in the picture on the left below, you can see the very long puddle/pond we'd just driven through.  My passenger stayed dry, but I was not so lucky.  The water was up to the bottom of our seats and I had to keep my foot on the pedal to keep it moving -- wet leg for me!  We also spotted a deer on the trail (bottom right) and a lot of beautiful ATV adventure

 We enjoyed another day on a boat, fishing and enjoying the sunshine.  My husband caught the first fish.  My dad caught the second, with our son's Toy Story fishing pole :) 
fishing together as a family

So many fun family memories!

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