Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The beginning of another garden

I enjoyed posting about the garden last year so figured I'd better start this year.  At the very least it was a good motivator to weed, since I wanted to take pics for garden posts :)

For the most part, we have the garden planted.  It has been very wet and rainy here though, making me extra thankful for my new pink rain boots and a little worried we'll have sections of the garden wash out.

We do already have snap pea, pumpkin, onion, and bean plants making an appearance in the garden.  I transplanted the cucumber, zucchini, squash and sunflower seedlings I'd started indoors.  I also bought some pepper and tomato plants.  In addition, we've planted sweet corn, carrots, and watermelon.  For fun, I bought a climbing flower for near our garden gate.  I still need to plant my new herb garden (more on that in another post).

We also found out the birdhouse that is on our garden gate post has a resident.  I guess our garden looked like a nice place to live :)

My neighbor is quite concerned that our garden is not large enough, even though my husband expanded it this year.  So she's planted a hill of squash for us.  She also told me her husband planted too many rows of beans and expects me to "come pick as many as I need".  She's so great. 

Here's to another year of gardening at our home on the gravelly road!

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