Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Chickens and Eggs

Its been an exciting start of the week on our gravelly road...
Morning search for fresh eggs
Our chickens have finally started laying eggs!

pictures of grown chickens
They've grown so much since my first post about them.  The names have stuck: the dark brown one is named Brownie, the light brown one is Miss Clucky, the black and white one is John Smith (yes my son knows its a girl), and the colorful one is Meanie Queenie.

As you might be able to tell in the pictures above, we found out one is a rooster, not a hen.  My son hasn't decided if he needs a new name... or if Meanie Queenie is just going to be Mr. Meanie.  For a while he waited until 8am to crow, but lately he's decided dawn is better.  Luckily he doesn't wake up my kiddo. 

It certainly has been interesting this summer observing the chickens, especially for this town-girl.  Yes they are "chicken" and afraid of most things.  They also routinely panic if they loose sight of the rest of the group.  One in particular apparently gets distracted and separated often, followed by a panicked noise, and then we usually see the rooster find the separated hen to bring her back to the group.  Sometimes when the rooster is trying to get the hens into the coop at night, one will be stubborn and fly to the top of the coop.  Other times a hen will find something tasty, make a happy cluck (which alerts the others), and then we see all the other chickens chasing that hen for her tasty find.  It always makes us laugh. 

We are thankful to be enjoying delicious eggs for breakfast from our chickens here on the gravelly road.  At the same time, the chickens are a reminder that our God is amazingly creative in designing all of creation with purpose and uniqueness.

(One of these days I'll write a post about the chicken coop that my husband designed.  My husband has made a number of improvements over the summer, adding wheels and a homemade feeder, as well as tweaking a few things.)

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