Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dragon or Dino?

This is when I admit I need to take drawing class featuring more boy-themed items.  My sidewalk chalk flowers, houses, suns and rainbows just don't cut it with this boy.  And this dragon turned out to look a bit more like a fire-breathing dinosaur-like creature.  That's ok.  We had fun working on it together.

He asked if I thought the dragon was so scary that Dad would run away from it when he got home.  Then he asked "Mom, do you think it is a million quarters scary?"  I guess if you measure scary in money then a million quarters would be a lot of scary.  What units do you use to measure scary anyway?  Screams? 

Glad that this colorful dragon/dino creature generated many more giggles than screams on our gravelly road.


  1. I think that is a great dragon! I am in the same boat with the drawing classes:).

    1. I think we need to make a request for such a class from our Art Teacher friend :)


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