Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Celebrating Progress -- part 2

At the beginning of the month, I posted an update on our big home remodel project.  I wanted to put together another post with a few more current pics :)

before after remodel pics
The outside is finished.  Since the last update, the back of the house has been sided and most of the outdoor detail work has been done (caulking, trim touch ups, etc).  

The Living Room transformation to be a Living Room + Office is nearly complete.  See there is furniture! We're loving the new floors and fireplace.  A little trim work to do but my dad was here for several days this week to help with staining/poly for windows and so its very nearly done.  We are still tweaking the furniture placement and putting things on the walls, but so close.  The office has even been used for a full day of work this week.  The space in the spare bedroom vacated by the office furniture is being tested by a certain 5 yr old to determine if it would make a good playroom space :)

The front door or entry way is part of the front room changes above but wanted to show off the pretty window.  Next on the list -- new rug for the entry way and living room (aka shopping).

The upstairs family room also had a pretty big transformation -- a beautiful bay window.  It lets so much more light into the room, plus it is out far enough that we can see down into the trees on one side of the house and all the way to the apple trees on the other.  

I don't have pics of every window yet (not sure if I'll get around to posting the rest).  We added a smaller bay window to our bedroom which makes the room feel much bigger.  Our new back patio door is a nice improvement too :)

Of course there is still work to do.  The bedroom windows upstairs are still waiting on trim.  The stairs from the lower living room to the family room/kitchen still need to be redone to match the new flooring in the living room.  Overall, the project has gone fairly quickly, thanks to help from both sides of our family.  

I'm hoping we can get the last of the remaining tasks finished before beautiful spring weather arrives (finally) with the yard and garden beckoning for our attention.

One task at a time - making our house on the gravelly road feel even more like home.

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