Sunday, May 4, 2014

May the Fourth Be With You...

Star Wars has been a new interest for our kiddo lately... library books, watching a Star Wars cartoon with Daddy, and getting to watch parts of one of the movies.  Of course the light sabers we made last summer have been getting lots of use now that spring is here.

light sabers from pool noodles

So it isn't much of surprise that our three new chickens ended up with Star Wars inspired names... Yoda (the smaller brown chick which seems the bravest), D2 (the other brown chick), Skywalker-Nightvader (the black chick).  Yes I know it should be R2-D2 and DarthVader (not Nightvader) but the names have stuck as is :)  In other chicken news, I believe they are in the chicken version of "awkward teenage years".  They are not big enough yet to try integrating them with our other chickens so they are still staying in an enclosure in the shed.  At least its been warm enough lately for them to be outside more.

young chickens

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine like we are today on the Gravelly Road.  May the Fourth Be With You.

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