Friday, June 27, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Lost

After missing several weeks, I'm again participating in Five Minute Fridays hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker, encouraging bloggers to write on a prompt unedited for five minutes.

The prompt: Lost


Long lonely drive home in the dark, on a  road I didn't know well.

The GPS was telling me I was lost... specifically that I was on no road at all.

I knew not to believe it, to not trust the voice telling me I was lost.

But I wasn't certain of my next few turns either... this new bypass (not on the GPS maps) that I'd only driven a few times, during daylight and never this particular route.

Thankfully my husband was already on speaker phone, catching up on our respective days, keeping each other awake on our separate drives (not even to the same destination).

He knew this road.  He could warn me of the corners to watch for in a way that made sense to me... much easier to watch for the A&W and then the big dealership, then the small Hwy 4 sign and on ramp turns.

So often life is like that too.  Books, maps, articles, and technology are certainly helpful but nothing compares to the wisdom of someone who has taken the road before you.

And when voices are telling me I am lost (or behind or off the path), I need to be sure the voice is trustworthy.  I need to stay connected to His Voice and community that hears it when I don't.

Having community to lean on and learn from can be what gets us from a place of feeling lost to feeling like we can take the next step, turn or pause of the journey.  And when feelings of  lost-ness threaten to overwhelm, I pray that same community can pray in our place and hold us up before our Father God who sees all the lost.

I'm so thankful for the friends and community we are finding since our move to our gravelly road and on this long adoption journey, in addition to the family and longtime friends that continue to encourage and pray for us.  We are so blessed.


Five Minute Friday


  1. Hello, I'm happy to come across your blog through FMF. You are right about having a community to trust. I am sure they will guide you when you are feeling lost.

  2. Those GPS units...nothing will make you doubt yourself like a GPS with an outdated map! :) Then again, most of the time I think my personal life map is outdated, and I just have to trust that the Lord has my back. Which He always does.

    Glad I stopped over from #FMF today!

  3. Thanks for visiting. So true - we are never truly lost when we trust God to have our back. Blessings!


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