Sunday, June 15, 2014

Rain keeps falling

We've had some big rainfalls here lately... Last weekend, midweek and then again this past weekend.  The result is flood watches and plenty of standing water.  Thankfully the garden is still ok... just some minor washout.  But we have more standing water in the yard than I think we've had since we moved here, and the entire yard is "squishy" as our son describes it.  The neighbor's pond is also outside its banks.

Its slowly going down but if we get all the rain that's in the forecast for the coming week, we might have a wet and muddy yard for a while.  Boy am I glad we got the mowing down on Friday when it wasn't raining!

Of course that also meant we needed to check out the "yard puddles" as he calls them (since usually our puddles are just in the gravel driveway).  And yes, he did end up with very wet feet since the puddle was deeper than his mud boots!
rain puddle fun

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