Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Camping Weekend with Friends

This past weekend was the annual camping weekend with a group of our friends.  As always, there were lots of memories made plus some rain, which seems to be a requirement with this group.

This year the group consisted of four families, with plenty of kids around our son's age.  The weekend was filled with riding bikes, catching bugs, campfires, time at the beach, marshmallow shooters, and plenty of fun.
camping fun with friends

The highlight for the kids though was a flooded campsite a little ways down from ours that was filled with tiny frogs and tadpoles.  The kids referred to it as the "frog pond".  Do you see the tiny frogs in his hand?
tiny frogs

He also enjoyed the classes at the park's Nature Center -- one called "Bug Hunt" (thus the net and bug house) and another where he made a dream catcher.
nature center at state parks

Another weekend of great camping memories.  It is such a blessing to be able to spend time enjoying the beauty of creation together as a family (even if some rain and bugs are involved).

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