Monday, February 6, 2012

Fun in the Kitchen

I love that Isaac enjoys helping in the kitchen!  We did a few fun cooking projects in the last week to share --  

Fun Shaped Pancakes
We put batter in a squirt bottle for more interesting shapes.   Isaac added powdered sugar.
* One of the steps included flattening the dough with a floured glass -- perfect task for a 3 year old
* And then of course we added frosting and sprinkles!

Other favorite kid tasks in our kitchen:
* Stirring ingredients (under supervision)
* Mixing/shaking ingredients in ziplock bag
* "Painting butter" -- if I need to butter bread I melt the butter in the microwave and let him "paint" the bread with a basting brush.  Great for grilled cheese, garlic bread, etc.  I used this one a lot when he was little.

Many other times in the past when he wanted to help but I didn't have an age-appropriate task for him, I would make up one :)  Putting measuring cups in order by size, filling containers with water in the sink, emptying the tupperware cupboard (oh wait, that one was always his idea!). 

I want to make sure to treasure this time when he asks to help!


  1. Great idea to put the pancake batter in a squirt bottle! We often make Mickey Mouse pancakes, but a squirt bottle would make shapes way easier!

  2. Great ideas! Gives me some good I just need a second step stool. They are forever fighting over the chair or step stool. It is different every day based on which one they decide is "best".


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