Friday, March 2, 2012

Busy, Snowy Week

Its been a busy week, plus a storm dropped the most snow we've seen all winter.  Most days we've been playing out in the snow, so less crafts/activities and more sledding, snowmen and snow forts.  Yay!

Isaac with his snowman

We did make "Cat in the Hat" Hats, following the instructions from the site "I Can Teach My Child" using paper plates which was fun.   I read the "Cat in the Hat" book while he colored his hat.  (Go the site linked above for pics of the final result -- I forgot to take one)

We also made a car slide/ramp using toilet paper rolls, as described on "Click. Pray. Love".  We made it a bit more challenging by setting up a bucket at the bottom for the cars to try to land in (and I encouraged Isaac to try adjusting where the bucket was as cars missed or bounced out).  He also spent a lot of time pretending that the ramp was a race and all the cars had to travel across the living room to get to the race.  Even the puppy found it entertaining!
Such concentration!

And just for fun -- another snow picture with the trees along our gravelly road in the background :)

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