Monday, March 26, 2012

Hello Mornings -- Second Month Update

I realized I hadn't posted a second month update -- so here it is a week or so late :)

Overall it is still going well.  We went on vacation at the end of February which threw me off for a few days when we got back (I did not get up early on vacation and my kiddo was waking up earlier than his "usual").  As I mentioned before, I definitely notice the difference between days I am able to have at least a half an hour to myself and the days he gets up soon after I do.  Even if he gets up earlier than I expect, I try to get a short version of my devos in while he watches a cartoon. 

As the weather has warmed up the last few weeks, I've been able to go running a handful of times.  I was surprised how much I missed it -- especially since I can run on gravel roads again!  To make it work though, I have to plan ahead in order to finish my run before my husband has to leave for the day... which doesn't work if he's not at home!  I've thought about a jogging stroller so I could go other times of the day but there is something special about running alone on a gravel road in the morning -- especially if there's a little fog or some wildlife near the pond.

I've been thinking about signing up for a 5K this summer to help keep my exercise goals a priority.  I asked my husband if he'd run with me as he's been running on treadmills when travelling quite frequently (about 4 miles each time).  He gave me a definite "no" declaring he does not run in public :)  He has been great in encouraging my new habits though and hasn't grumbled when my alarm goes off early on his day to sleep in.

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  1. All good stuff. The running in public thing is so funny:). I can almost hear him saying it!


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