Thursday, March 29, 2012

"Dad's gonna 'prize us"

A popular topic of conversation at our house yesterday was that Dad was coming home (left Monday morning for a business trip).  Each time my son asked if Dad was coming home, my response was something like -  "Yes, Dad is coming home today.  But he won't get home until after bedtime, late at night, after even Mom goes to bed.  You will see him in the morning."  My son's response was consistently something like, "I think Dad's gonna 'prize us and be home when its still up-time.  One day he 'prized us and came home at up-time, remember?" 

Of course I thought it was sweet that he remembered the day a few weeks ago when Dad drove home earlier than we expected him.  He didn't understand that this time Dad was in meetings all day with an evening flight, followed by a 2 hr drive home.  I didn't want him to be disappointed when bedtime came and Dad was still not home.  No matter how I tried to explain it, my logic did not sway him.

As we snuggled to read his bedtime stories, I thought I heard a noise but the dog didn't bark so I kept reading (our dog barks at everything).  Then in walks Dad! (who paid extra to catch an early flight home)  And what does my son say after he runs to hug Daddy, "See Mom, I told you Dad's gonna 'prize us!"

As I think back on my thoughts yesterday, how often don't I do the same thing in my relationship with God?  I let my idea of "logic" and "knowledge" of what is possible limit my prayers and my expectations, when instead I should be remembering those moments of amazing blessing in my life that show with God nothing is impossible.  I need a child-like faith to be able to pray that God would surprise me.


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