Friday, April 13, 2012

Egg Carton Caterpillars

This project was so much fun!  We made them on two different days and created an entire family of caterpillars.
I cut the egg carton base to create the caterpillar bodies (first time just in half to make six-section ones, second time into fourths to make three-section ones).  We painted them using both sponges and paint brushes.  Once they were dried, we glued on eyes and added pipe cleaners for antennae.  On one we also decided to cut apart blue pom-poms to create a fuzzy caterpillar.
So proud of his caterpillar family!

My favorite part of the project was all the stories my kiddo was telling me about the caterpillar family as we worked.  He asked if they could go for a walk on the window sill -- they certainly brighten the window on a cloudy day like today.

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  1. We love this project! Calissa made her first one a couple years ago (we have a number right now) and until just this week though that all caterpillar crafts needed to be made out of egg cartons :) Cute idea on the "fuzzy" ones! We have pompoms on the top of ours... and of course glitter!


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