Thursday, April 5, 2012

Failed Fingerprints

Yesterday there was a notice in the mail from DHS that my fingerprints that were sent with the background check paperwork failed due to "poor quality".  It apparently happens from time to time, more often for women, that the ink fingerprints are not clear enough to run.  I'd actually read a blog post a few months ago about this but honestly didn't think anything of it.

So today I drove back to the county jail.  Thankfully my husband was working from home today as children aren't allowed into where they do the fingerprinting.  I was pleasantly surprised that they didn't charge the fee a second time (silver lining).  Hopefully the set I mailed today will be ok -- otherwise I most likely will need to drive an hour away to somewhere that can take fingerprints electronically as in that process that can keep re-trying until they are clear (or so I'm told).

I know this is such a minor bump in a long journey but frustrating still.  Now our homestudy will likely be delayed by at least 2-3 weeks.  I keep telling my self, "God is in control.  In HIS time". 


  1. Chris failed his twice - hang in there!!! It WILL happen...

  2. That is disappointing and frustrating:(. I hope these go through well. Continuing to pray for the details in this long process.


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