Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Adoption and Privacy

One thing I struggle with whenever I think about writing an update on our adoption process is how much to share.  Where is the line between the information we want our family and friends to know and too much information published on a public space like a blog?  How do we ask for prayers for a specific situation without saying too much?

Please know that even if we have specifics of a potential match, are meeting someone who is considering adoption, or have made a match, I will not be sharing much information on the blog for a number of privacy reasons.  I have no idea yet what that would look like, as we are not there yet and I'm still learning. 

Our profile was viewed last week and, for a number of reasons which I won't go into, we found out ahead of time.  It gave us a unique opportunity: prayer. 

I count it a privilege to be able to pray for the expectant parents who are considering adoption, looking at profile books at the agency, etc.  But I don't pray that they pick us.  I pray that God gives them peace and discernment as they walk through a time of incredibly huge decisions.  I pray that they have a support system that is understanding and can give wise advice instead of tearing down their decisions.  I pray for their health, safety, and for their growing baby.  That if they do decide to make an adoption plan, I pray for the families they meet and consider, the family they choose, and all the adjustments ahead for the expectant parents and the potential adoptive parents.

Even after a child joins our family someday, there will likely be details of their history and first family that won't be shared with our extended family and friends.  Our future child's history is their own, we want to be the ones to share it with them, and let them choose who to share it with.

Here's a few articles I found helpful...

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