Sunday, February 24, 2013

Talking about money...

Sometime before Christmas, our son decided he wanted a remote control car.  We told him that it wasn't something to put on Christmas lists (partially because we had no intention of buying one) but that he could certainly start saving money for it.  We knew between Christmas and his birthday he'd have money given to him as gifts and thought a concrete goal would be good.

So anytime he ended up with money, he would tell us "I'm going to put this in my money bank for a 'mote control car!".  We offered a few extra chores to earn a little more.  He even got a dollar from a kind lady after he returned her gloves that she'd dropped in a parking lot (long story but sooo cute).  He also decided not to buy a few things because he didn't want to use his "car money".  I was so proud of him that during all this he still generously brought money to Sunday School as they were raising money to buy farm animals for impoverished families.

Often he's asked for help "counting his dollars".  Its given us lots of opportunities to explain the differences between the ones and fives, etc.  Finally last week, he and Dad went shopping for his remote control car.  They counted out the money to bring along (setting a budget) and carefully picked out one that our son though was cool and Dad thought might work well for him.

So proud of his new car!

The dog thinks its pretty fun too.

We have lots of money lessons ahead of us, but so glad his first "saving goal" was so much fun.

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