Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fun with the Letter "L"

Lion crafts, mask and sandwich
We had lots of fun with the letter "L" last week, focusing on "L is for Lion".

He practiced making the letter L on the whiteboard, using Legos, while eating pretzel sticks at snack time and in the snow!


There are so many great books about lions, it was hard to pick.  Here's some of the ones we read:

L is for Lion Craft
1) I cut out two long rectangles of yellow paper.  He figured out how to make an "L" with them and glued them to the paper. 
2) Then feet, a head and tail were added.
3)  He carefully glued the yarn mane (notice he's using a toothpick to avoid touching the glue -- he said it was too sticky) and drew the face.
4)  We also added some letter stickers to spell "lion".

Lion Paper Plate Mask
We had lots of fun making this mask together!
  • I printed out the lion face from thebestbirthday.com (I did a search on pinterest for a lion mask crafts and let my son pick which one to try). 
  • I cut it out and he started coloring.  He was very insistent that the teeth needed to be gold, the chin green, and nose yellow.  I think he had a reason but its escaping me right now. 
  • We glued extra pieces of yellow and brown construction paper to a paper plate (to cover what the face didn't) and then glued on the lion face. 
  • After cutting out the eyes, we added more "hair" -- squares of construction paper with long cuts in them. 
  • I added a string to hold it on and let him try it out.
My favorite part was that he immediately went upstairs to put on a brown shirt so he would look like a "real lion" to scare Dad when he got home!

A Lion for Lunch

Lion sandwich - circles of bread, cheese, carrots and pepperoni

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