Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fun with the Letter "W"

We studied "W is for Walrus" for about a week and half before Easter, but with the holiday weekend and now fighting a cold I've been slow to write about it.  We had fun with this one and just kept talking about it... I read the walrus books quite a few times! 



We watched the movie Artic Tale, a wildlife documentary movie following a mother walrus and her calf as well as a mother polar bear and her cubs.  It was a well done movie and very educational -- just a warning though it is true to the harsh environment of the arctic and several animals die.  After watching the movie, we talked about what the walruses ate, how they stayed warm in the arctic, and how silly they looked when they tried to move around on land.  It was fun to see how much he'd learned.

He worked on a fun W is for Walrus color sheet.

Another day we made this fun walrus craft with tusks in the shape of the letter W

I first saw the idea on pinterest via Lil' Miss Smarty Pants.  First I drew a half oval on the light brown paper and my kiddo carefully cut it out.  He did a great job taking his time.  I cut out the rest of the face out of dark brown paper.  After he glued the face together and added the googly eyes, we started working on the tusks.  Instead of cutting out a white paper "w", I got out a white pipe cleaner so that he could bend it to the shape of the letter (with help).  Then I wrote the "W" on the paper for him to trace with the glue.  It took a bit of work to get the pipe cleaner tusks to stay stuck.  We ended up clipping it on with a chip clip and soaking it with more glue :)  While we waited for it to dry, brown yarn was added for whiskers.

Throughout the week, he practiced writing the letter "W" on the whiteboard, with chalk on the driveway, and making them out of play-doh and legos.

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