Monday, April 22, 2013

Home Study Update, Social Worker Visit and Waiting

This morning our social worker visited our home on the gravelly road as part of the process of updating our home study document.  We had a nice visit, mostly just talking about the past year.  She shared more information about some of the advertising and information sharing the agency has been doing that seems to be having a positive impact on the number of inquiries and profile showings.  We talked about some ways to continue to "spread the word" that we are waiting to adopt -- it was interesting to hear how other families have connected with a mom making an adoption plan through their network of contacts (vs waiting for a mom to find the adoption agency).

Its amazing to me that its been nearly a year since we officially became a waiting family, praying to grow our family through adoption.  Waiting is hard.  But it helps that we are busy.  It also helps that an amazing little boy calls me Mommy and fills my days to overflowing.  The unpredictability of the waiting is the hardest for me.  The "what if" is always in the back of my mind, especially as we make plans for coming summer months.

Yesterday my son said, "Mom, what if a baby comes to our family THIS summer?  I think it should be the last day of summer, right before the fall.  Then would the baby have a summer birthday or a fall birthday?"  (He is very interested when people's birthdays are lately). 

We don't know when God will lead a loving and brave woman to adoption, when we will be chosen to be the family to an amazing gift of a child, or when a baby will be placed in our family.

I believe our family is beautiful just as it is. I also believe that God will grow our family and make our family even more beautiful in HIS time.  And so we wait on Him.

(If you are new to Life on the Gravelly Road, check our the Adoption & Our Family page for a high level look at our journey). 

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  1. Your positive outlook through this waiting is really inspiring. Praying for all of you and the baby/birth family too.


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