Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Camping in the Northwoods (photo overload)

family camping activities and photos
We spent a long weekend camping in the north woods.  The four day weekend was long enough to do most of the normal camping activities (campfires, hikes, bike rides, enjoying the lake, etc) plus add in a few other fun day trips (a mine, a wolf conservatory, and a bear sanctuary).  We had a lot of fun and pretty good weather.

watching baby bears climb the trees
I think visiting the bear sanctuary was my favorite.  It was so fun to watch the baby bears climb the tall trees.  I loved that the mama bear in the top left pic sat at the bottom of the tree to watch her little ones climb... and so high.

family canoe ride
This was the first time our son and dog had taken a canoe ride.  Its something my husband and I used to do much more frequently before becoming parents.  Thankfully our dog did not try to jump overboard.  Our previous dog tried that -- wet dog smell in the camper is not fun.

The true blessing was having so much family time completely unplugged (my husband's phone was off and mine had no service -- love it).  In fact, we were so unplugged that on Friday morning we unintentionally became the "annoying early rising family" in the next campsite.  We woke up with no idea what time it was -- no watches and my phone was dead.  The sun was up and we all felt well rested so assumed it was around 7:30am.  We got dressed and ready for the day, made coffee, ate breakfast, cleaned up and started packing up the car for the day's adventure... my husband comes back to the camper and tells me its 6:45am.  No idea how early we actually got up, but much, much earlier than intended.  Sorry neighbors!

So many fun memories together but its good to be home on the gravelly road.

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