Friday, July 12, 2013

Five Minute Fridays: Present

Five Minute Fridays is hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker, encouraging bloggers to write on a prompt unedited for five minutes.  This weeks prompt is present.


My husband gave me an extravagant gift for Mother's Day.  At least it felt that way to me.  A brand new fancy camera, one I had been wanting for a long time but couldn't justify the cost.  I'm having so much fun learning how to use it, loving the beautiful pictures it takes.

After one month though, I already struggle with one thing.  When I put that camera around my neck, I slip into observer mode, watching the scenes around me, waiting and watching for that "perfect" picture.  Framing the world around me through the lens can be such a joy.  Still I need to constantly remind myself to be present.  Not just the observer, recorder, and documenter of our family's summer.

So I'm working on making sure to step out from behind the camera -- putting it aside so I can be present and play.  Sometimes I still put my old point-n-shoot camera in my back pocket, not having to worry about if it gets dropped or a little dirty on our adventures together.  I take my son's hand in mine and we are off -- exploring the woods, working in the garden, playing on the swing set.  Yes, I'm likely missing a whole host of beautiful shots, but instead creating something even better -- memories that I will treasure for ever. 


Five Minute Friday


  1. Excellent observation. I often feel like it's either or. I can focus on capturing the moment, or I can live it. Glad that you found a way to do both!

  2. So true! I need to step away from behind the camera too. Thanks for sharing on FMF!


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